Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Edzard's background & plans!

What you have surely all been waiting for, my personal introductory post!

A little wargaming history first.
I started like many in my generation with the Games Workshop stuff, Warhammer 40.000 in my case. I loved playing my Necrons against my friends from high school around 2003, we all started our studies and played a lot less. Around that time I came into contact with a wargaming club and started playing Flames of War. That game was the hype at the moment (around 2007) and I still really like it.

I moved to purseu some education in another city, here I met Mark and we played in a 2 versus 2 team tournament...

My Sisters of Battle and his Space Marines, out on display here on a training match.
We had some more projects together; Battlefleet Gothic, Tomorrow's War in 15mm, a Zombie game and some African modern warfare as well.

We played some Flames of War together as well and had some great times. After the local club switched to playing tournaments of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles variety I went on a bit of an hiatus from wargaming.  I started a blog then that is still going:

Focussing instead on consuming vast amounts of alcohol and generally enjoying the 'studentenleven'. I never stopped painting the odd figure, but didn't do much wargaming and neither did I finish any armies.

Recently with the discovery of a thing called a 'Paint & Chat' hosted on Google hangouts by the Miniature Modelling Mayhem facebook group I manage to finish painting units and armies within months! In my area Hail Caesar in 15mm has really taken off and I have gotten into the swing of painting my Dutch (early war) Flames of War army..

This year I have already finished more than 200 15mm figures and a bunch of terrain and stuff in other scales. 

War of Spanish Succession
To finally get to the point of the matter, my parents went on vacation to the UK not too long ago and visited Blenheim castle. My dad bought a big book about Marlborough and he was telling me some interesting things about the man.
I always had, and still have, an interest in wargaming the Napoleonic era, but it is such a daunting prospect. Complicated.. and what is the correct colour of French limbers?

Early 18th century warfare I knew little about, but Marlborough had gotten my interest started. I figured I had too much projects on my plate already, but then Mark was given some Marlburian figures from another member of the Miniature Modelling Mayhem group. 

And that was all the reason we needed to start a new project together!

My army?
Mark will be doing the Grand Alliance, so I will do the French, Bavarians and the Bourbon Spanish. But with the distance between us I will also be painting British, Dutch and Austrians to have something to play against..

En avant!


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