Saturday, May 28, 2016

The French horde assembles!

After receiving a small package from the mailman containing an Ebay purchase of almost 100 Khurasan War of Spanish Succession (WSS) British and French I immediately started prepping the first French regiment for painting.

This will be the Picardie regiment, one of the oldest French regiments at the time of the WSS.

Colonel's colours, very basic.

Regiment flag, also very basic. The privilege of being one of the first is you can choose a simple flag.. A very practical people those French.

The Khurasan figures are made of a quite bendy and sometimes weak white metal, but have great detail and I'm sure even if they lose some of their bayonets during games they will otherwise do fine service.

This picture shows the regiment all sorted out and cleaned up, together with the bases they will spend their wargaming lives on. 

I mount my figures on golf tees prior to painting, this gives something to hold on to while applying the paint and I can stick them in a piece of packaging foam so they do not take up too much space.

Next up are the first colour testers, and they were a joy to paint. Took me more than four hours to do these two, but the investment was worth it as I have figured out the colours to use for everything. I usually end up with a few colour testing figures that I can't use in my units, but on these I got it right the first time and they will be included in the regiment.

Back and side picture, shows the highlights and colour differences quite well. Even on the black, a colour that I always struggle with highlighting. It might look like these are quite harsh highlights, but remember these are 15mm figures! (I have to remember myself of that all the time, and keep myself from not making highlights too subtle.. like on the hair of the guy on the right)

The colours I have decided on are the following:

1. Prime black
2. Basecoat black
3. London Grey: overcoats
4. Chocolate Brown: skin, base, wood & leather
5. German Grey: dark grey cuffs
6. Medium Fleshtone: face & hands
7. Gunmetal Grey: musket barrel
8. Old Gold: sword hilt, scabbard tip & cartridge bag strip
9. Silver: bayonet
10. Wash Umber Shade: faces & hands
11. Highlight Beige Brown: musket wood
12. Buff: waist belt
13. Mahogany Brown: stockings, shoulder belt & bags
14. Light Grey: overcoat & tricorne rim
15. Highlight Black Grey: tricorne, shoes, scabbards
16. Highlight Basalt Grey: cuffs
17. Gory Red: stockings
18. Highlight Dwarf Flesh: face & hands
19. Ivory: tricorne rim, shirt sleeves & collar
20. Highlight Scarlett Red: stockings
21. Wash Nuln Oil: musket barrel
22. Highlight Gunmetal Grey: musket barrel
21. Gloss Varnish
22. Matt Varnish

Next up will be the rest of the regiment, and figuring out how to paint the drummer and do the flags. Either print them to the right scale, order some online or handpaint them on pieces of tin foil.

En avant!


  1. Looking very good Edzard, they are nice figures arent they!

    1. Thanks Yorkie, yeah they are really pretty and with these big overcoats they are quite quick to paint as well.

  2. Great start on these figures!