Monday, May 23, 2016

Word reached the North...

Hey guys, Mark here.

A little history.

I suppose I'll tell you a bit about myself before I start waffling on about the plans I have for this project.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands ( Den Helder to be exact ) and moved to Enschede in the fall of 2006 to start studying for my Bachelor Degree in Applied Arts and Sciences. I think I met Edzard the year after whilst looking for a partner for an upcoming Warhammer 40K tournament. We did extremely poor, but had a lot of fun.

We continued playing War- and boardgames after that, often with the mandatory pint within reach. But it wasn't long after until Edzard introduced me into the 15mm historical hobby. We ended up playing the odd game of Flames of War, pitting my American 2nd Rangers against the troops of the Fatherland. 

I've been a Wargammer, hobbyist, but mainly a painter ever since. My travels have brought me from Den Helder to Enschede, to Malta, where I resided for 2 years and met many great and awesome Wargamers, to my final destination of Glasgow, Scotland.


Unfortunately, after moving to Glasgow, I was made redundant rather from a job that I partially moved over here for. After a few months of struggling, I hesitantly decided to start selling off my Wargaming items I no longer used as a stopgap. But after a 3rd month, I ended up having to sell my vounted Warhammer Fantasy Empire Army. My absolute pride and joy.

But this ended up a blessing in disguise, as the person who bought this off me at the time wanted to add to the army, and commissioned me to paint up a few more units. I've never really looked back and I'm still a fulltime commission painter to this day. I'm just lucky enough to have a better half that supports this.

( Shameless self plug, but you can find my Commission page and many examples of my work here: )

Anyway, after a few years, I've managed to pick up contact with Edzard again after he added me to the facebook group Miniature Modeling Mayhem. ( Check them out, they are well worth looking up: ) and after receiving some lovely Dixon Miniatures models from one of the group members, my interest was piqued.

The Grand Alliance.

Now I'll be the first to admit, that I know very little, to virtually nothing of he War of Spanish Succession, but that is one of the reasons I like doing these historical projects. I always learn a lot from doing these kinds of projects and the research, at least to me, is one of the aspects I really like.

So I'll be representing the Grand Alliance in our little foray into this period. The main reasons for choosing this side of the equation, is that I always play the bad guys. Now I know what you're thinking. "There's not really any good or bad guys in this particular war." But I disagree. In my eyes, Louis the XIV was most definitely the bad guy. Coupled with the fact that I am by birth Dutch, and by adoption, Scottish, the Grand Alliance just seemed to fit.

The idea I had, was to pick a brigade commander and tackle some of the regiments under his command. And as such, I will be starting with the brigade of  Brigadier General James Ferguson with the regiment of choice for my first lot of little guys being the Earl of Angus's Regiment of Foot.

So, Ive got my bases prepped, the models bought and as soon as the first of June peeks around the corner, I'll be priming and painting the first of what I hope to be many regiments.

For the Hor.... erm, Grand Alliance!


  1. O.K., bought the popcorn and pulled up the comfy chair so carck on. I'm looking forward to this!

  2. My favs, the Grand Alliance, at least you'll have a bit of colour in your army, its mush better than all that French grey!

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